A big thank you to New Mexico PBS and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science for supporting the premier of CLOUDSTREET on May 20th.

We presented the film in full screen in the Dynamax Theatre - which features a 5 story giant screen and Dolby sound.  We took full advantage of both.  Watching the film this way was surprisingly immersive and absolutely thrilling.

Denise Layton and Phil Umphres from the SSA attended as did Soaring Magazine editor, Eric Bick.  Colleen Grace, who composed the score with her husband Matt Pavolaitis, was also on hand.  Time lapse photographers Phyllis Murray and Dave Bixler joined us as did two of our pilots Mark Mocho and Bill Hill.

The KNME folks were out in full force including Franz Joachim, Joan Rebecchi, Evy Todd, Michelle Watkins, Theresa Spencer, and executive producer Michael Kamins.  

Michael Kamins and KNME have been behind this project for a long time and we were thrilled that they joined us at the screening.

Again, thank you!