Hi everyone,

We have some good news!  CLOUDSTREET is now available on Vimeo on Demand.  This is the broadcast version of the film, with the stereo mix.  This version of the film does not include the extra footage found on the DVD pack and iTunes, but it should work on most devices throughout the world.  It can be purchased for $9.99 or rented for $3.99.

We also have some bad news.  It’s also come to our attention that the movie has been posted on YouTube.  We have asked YouTube to remove the unauthorized and illegally posted film and our legal team is on the case as well.

Obviously, we want to spread the word about soaring, and want as many people as possible to see the show, but please show some respect to the filmmakers.  Nobody is getting rich from this project, in fact we are currently trying to make back the money we spent making it.  The cost of production of this project was not covered by donations - it was covered by us.  When our intellectual property is stolen it makes it that much harder for us to make the next piece.  It also hurts the SSA who helped sponsor this and would like to sell DVDs.


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