So, we’ve been quietly working on a new soaring movie for the giant screen - an Imax style film for science centers and museums.  We’re currently calling the piece SOAR.  Rick Gordon and Jen Casey are the executive producers of the piece.  

Panasonic has been kind enough to let us use some of their cameras for the film including the GH-4 and the new DVX-200.   

Rick and Jen are at NAB showing some of the footage and discussing the project at Panasonic’s Presentation Stage.  

Many thanks to the good folks at Panasonic for their support of the project.  I also want to thank Matt Pavolaitis and Kathryn Dean for the use of their song Blue Skies in our GH-4 piece and Cody Westheimer for the use of his music in our DVX-200 project.  And a special thanks to Evan Barthelman who shot the DVX piece for us.

I’ll have more information about the new project in the near future. 

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